About Soaps Atlanta

Launched by Atlanta Chef, Shari Griffith, in 2017, Soaps Atlanta has grown into a company known for quality, healing and most importantly results!

At Soaps Atlanta we strive to provide quality customer service, fast and reliable delivery and a consistent product that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. All of our products are made in house and by hand by Shari for not only a personal touch but an infusion of hardwork and love that produces an experience unlike any other. When you use a Soaps Atlanta bar for the first time, you’re hooked! It’s hard to go back to just anything.

Responsible sourcing is paramount at Soaps Atlanta, so we work with local farms to get the highest quality ingredients. 75% of our herbs and 50% of our oils are sourced locally. Coming from a fine dining background, Chef Shari understands the importance of using high quality, powerful, medicinal ingredients.